Your Child’s First Visit

Your Child’s First Visit at Jeremy J Burke, DDS, PA, in Odessa, TXYou take care of your mouth. You brush and floss every day. You have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined at least twice a year. All of these steps are integral in maintaining optimal oral health. Did you know that these very same steps are just as important for your child? However, the oral care needs of your child are different from yours. At Jeremy J Burke, DDS, PA, we provide pediatric dental services, specializing in these needs. Along with providing your child with dental care, we can also help them to develop healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime. If you are preparing to bring your child in for their very first visit to our office, here is what you can expect.

Pediatric Dentist Vs General Dentist

A general dentist could technically take care of your child. A pediatric dentist, however, specializes specifically in the needs of children. All dentists, regardless of specialty, attend four years of dental school. Pediatric dentists, like other specialties, go on to complete another 2 to 3 years of education and training. Our focus is on the treatment and management of the oral care needs of young individuals, along with child behavior. We also receive extensive training, and have significant experience, in treating patients with special needs.

What Age Should the First Visit Be?

You may be confused as to when you should be bringing your child in for their very first visit. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child be seen six months after the eruption of their first tooth or by their first birthday, whichever one occurs first.

What Exactly Happens During This Visit?

The first visit is often a short visit. It is used as an opportunity to introduce your child to us, and for us to be introduced to you and your child. It also helps to start getting your child accustomed to our office. When you are brought to the exam room, we will have you sit in the chair with your child in your lap. This should help to keep your child more relaxed. We will take a quick look inside of their mouth and check their bite. We may or may not clean their teeth.
After this quick oral check, we will then discuss with you. Topics we may cover include such things as:

•  Anything we notice in the mouth of your child.
•  How to take care of their mouth at home.
•  The best ways to prevent the formation of cavities.
•  Teething.
•  Oral habits like pacifier use and thumb sucking.
•  Nutrition tips to help your child maintain good oral health.

When the exam is complete, we will then get you set up for the next visit approximately six months later. Just like you, your child should be seen twice a year. The earliest visits are all fairly short, as we help your child to grow more comfortable with us.

Will X-Rays be Taken?

It is rare that X-rays will be taken on the first visit. They are usually only done this early if there is a special issue, such as a cleft palate. Unless your child is more prone to cavities or other oral health issues, they will have their first X-rays done around the age of 6, when the adult teeth begin to emerge. In our office, we use digital X-rays, which can be a relief for many parents as there is a significant reduction in radiation exposure with this type of technology.

With the first visit, we can help your child set off on a path to a lifetime of optimal oral habits and health. If it is time for your child to have their first visit, call Jeremy J Burke, DDS, PA to schedule their appointment today at (432) 653-2320.
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