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Dental Sealants at Jeremy J Burke, DDS, PA, in Odessa, TXRegularly visiting us here at Jeremy J Burke, DDS, PA and maintaining good oral hygiene can help you keep your gums and teeth healthy. However, even with your diligence, you may still be prone to developing cavities as well as other tooth problems. If you want your teeth to have maximum protection, you should get dental sealants. Essentially, dental sealants are coatings made of plastic material, which are placed on occlusal or the chewing surfaces of permanent teeth. Sealants are typically used on the premolars and molars.

What are Dental Sealants for?

The ocular surfaces of the premolar and molar teeth have fissures on them, which makes them susceptible to decay. It can be a challenge to clean these fissures or grooves with simply a toothbrush since these fissures are typically deep and narrow. Plaque tends to build up in these areas. The bacteria in the plaque produce acids, which attack the enamel, leading to the formation of cavities. Dental sealants cover these grooves and hence provide more protection for the teeth.

While dental sealants are typically placed on the premolars and molars, they can also be used to protect other teeth that have pits. It is best to use dental sealants as early as possible, but they can still be used on adult teeth that do not have fillers yet.

How are They Placed?

The process of placing dental sealants is painless. There is no need for drilling or anesthesia. Before a dental sealant is placed, you can expect your tooth to be cleaned and polished first to get rid of the plaque and other elements that may be present in its grooves. Next, the tooth will be isolated and dried to keep saliva off the pits. After this, the fissures will be etched, and the tooth will be dried again. Once the tooth the dry, the dental sealant is then applied to the surface of the tooth and is allowed to bond to it for a couple of seconds. The dental sealant will then be evaluated. Once it has hardened completely, you can use that tooth to eat and drink normally again.

Why You Should Get Dental Sealants

One of the most important benefits of getting sealants is that it will help to protect your teeth. You will be able to save more money in the long run. Sure, you will need to spend money to get dental sealants, but consider them as investments. Besides, the cost of dental sealants is significantly lower than the cost of treating cavities and other tooth problems. Aside from being able to save money, you will also get to save time and effort. Dental sealants will reduce your chances of developing cavities, which means that you would not have to deal with oral health problems that much, if at all.

Dental Sealants can help you maintain good overall oral health. Cavities lead to tooth decay, and tooth decay can give rise to more serious oral health concerns. Prevention is always better than cure, and getting dental sealants is an effective way to keep your teeth healthy. If you are interested in getting dental sealants, you may schedule an appointment with us here at Jeremy J Burke, DDS, PA, or give us a call to know more about our services at (432) 653-2320.
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