How Your Heart Is Affected When Your Gums Get Neglected

Posted on 10/20/2018 by Jeremy Burke
How Your Heart Is Affected When Your Gums Get NeglectedYou may hear over and over how your oral health is vital to your overall health and when it comes to the heart, having healthy gums is critical.

Dentistry is more than just filling cavities and teeth cleaning. We can detect other health problems when we do an oral examination.

The reason why we place so much emphasis on having a healthy mouth is that, in many instances, that is where other health conditions start. Additionally, things like gum disease can negatively affect other organs in your body, such as the heart.

How Healthy Mouths Help Your Heart

Scientific research confirms what many healthcare professionals have suspected for decades. Your oral health is linked to your heart health, among other things. Brushing and flossing along with regular dental checkups could mean the difference between having a healthy heart and being at risk for cardiovascular disease. It is not the only factor.

Some people are predisposed to heart conditions due to family history or other health issues, but we can do an examination and detect your risk for heart disease.

The link between inflammation of the gums and hardened arteries seems to be the most evident connection yet between both conditions. When a patient has hardened arteries or atherosclerosis, the blood flow to the heart is obstructed and can result in more severe problems such as heart attack or stroke.

Neglecting anything in your mouth can not only lead to other oral health problems in the future, but it can also affect other organs in your body, such as the heart. Gum disease or inflammation of the gums is believed to be one of the most serious diseases because, when left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss or even heart disease. Please let us know if you have any questions about how your heart is affected when your gums get neglected.
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