Sometimes Your Teeth Shift While You Sleep

Posted on 8/30/2018 by Jeremy Burke
Sometimes Your Teeth Shift While You SleepYour teeth may shift during your life for a variety of reasons. Tooth loss can cause some of the teeth to move into new positions, and trauma can have a similar effect.

What many people don't know is that the teeth actually shift somewhat at night. While this isn't noticeable for most people, if you find that your teeth have made a major change, you may need treatment to correct the problem.

Why the Teeth Shift at Night

Now that you know that the teeth can shift while you sleep, you may be wondering why. There are a few issues that can result in these changes:

•  The teeth may shift due to relaxing of the jaw and oral muscles
•  The pressure of the teeth trying to move into the mouth may cause the existing teeth to shift
•  The position in which you sleep could cause shifting
•  Bruxism, or clenching and grinding the teeth during sleep, can also result in shifting of the teeth

Bruxism can also lead to problems the health of your teeth and jaw, and without treatment, long-term pain and oral issues may result.

How to Prevent Shifting

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to prevent shifting overnight:

•  Wear a retainer or mouth guard if prescribed by your dentist
•  Practice good dental hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing
•  Improve your sleeping habits by sleeping on your stomach instead of one side consistently
•  Treat your bruxism as recommended by your dentist
•  Visit your dentist regularly for routine checkups or at any sign of a problem

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