Signs Your Filling Needs to Be Replaced

Posted on 8/20/2018 by Jeremy Burke
Signs Your Filling Needs to Be ReplacedWhen you get a filling in your teeth, you may think that it will last forever. That is not always the case. Although fillings can last a long time, the average lifespan for a filling is around 15 years.

If a filling fails, you need to replace it. Knowing the signs that it is time to replace a filling can help you get it done before you run into other problems.

Signs that You Feel

When it comes to problems with teeth, you often feel things happening. These are signs that you sense that are trying to tell you something is wrong, and you need to check with our dental professionals.

•  Sensitivity - This is the sign that most people recognize. If you feel pain when you breathe in air over a tooth with a filling or if it is sensitive to temperature, filling may have gone bad.
•  Pressure when eating - If you detect pressure when biting down on the tooth as you eat, it could come from a bad filling.
•  Sharp and Throbbing Pain - Just like a toothache, a bad filling can cause pain.

If you feel these signs, you may also want to look for some of the visual signs of a bad filling.

The Visual Signs

It is always a good idea to visually inspect your teeth for signs of any problems. These are the visual signs that it is time to replace a filling

•  Holes and dark spots - You can notice these holes or dark spots in the fillings while brushing your teeth.
•  Check your Floss - If you notice tears and food debris on your floss after flossing around a cavity, it is possible the cavity is failing.
•  Roughness - You can feel rough spots around a filling with your tongue. This is something that you need to look at closer.
•  Broken, cracked or chipped teeth - If a tooth with a filling shows these signs, it is possible the filling is to blame.
•  Lost filling - A filling can come out. If you see the pieces of a filling in your mouth or feel that it is gone, it is time for replacement.

If you think that your filling is failing, it is a good idea to contact our offices to schedule an appointment. Another way to tell that a filling is failing is through regular checkups with our dental professionals. We can often spot signs of failure before you do and fix the problem before it gets worse.

Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment so you can keep your healthy smile.
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